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    12 Powerful Images Of Women In The Labor Movement

    Women have played key roles in workers' rights movements worldwide for over a century. Images from strikes and protests drive home women's longstanding commitment to equal pay, fair working conditions, and the right to form unions.

    1. May Day March, 1909

    2. New York Shirtwaist Strike, 1910

    3. Women in the Puerto Rican Labor Movement, early 20th century

    4. Amalgamated Clothing Workers Strike, 1915

    5. Women's Employment Poster, WWI

    6. London Protest, 1935

    7. Corset Workers' Strike, 1937

    8. "Rosie the Riveter" Poster, 1943

    9. Bakery, Confectionary and Tobacco Union Protest, 1984

    10. Labour Party Pakistan Demonstration, 2008

    11. Coalition of Labor Union Women March, 2011

    12. Kenya Health Workers' Strike, 2012