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What Are "Krisbians"?

It's Kristen Stewart's birthday, and "Krisbians for Kristen" is trending. Let's all learn what that means.

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Urban Dictionary defines "Krisbian" as, essentially, a straight woman who is a lesbian only for Kristen Stewart (the first definition, in inimitable Urban Dictionary style: "The effect Kristen Stewart has on a heterosexual fan-girl; whereupon, they would only go gay for her"). The sexual orientation of today's Twitter Krisbians isn't clear, but their love is powerful:



And international:


But being a Krisbian isn't just about sex — here's the fourth, and perhaps most accurate, Urban Dictionary definition:

A person that lives their life vicariously through Kristen Stewart. They want to BE Kristen Stewart. They monitor the world wide web for any and all mentions of Kristen Stewart that are in a negative light and believe that, in time, they can change their views of Kristen Stewart.

Below, a Krisbian explains why the haters are wrong:

Stewart's alleged "awkwardness" appears to be a major reason Krisbians love her. Sort of a backhanded compliment:


But "living vicariously" is right. A number of adherents have changed their Twitter names to reflect their Krisbianism. This is one of the most egregious:

And of course, the Krisbians have a Tumblr:

And a Facebook page:


Stewart has known about them for years:

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And now you too know what it is to be a Krisbian.


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