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Madonna's Gay-Rights Facebook Poetry Makes People Mad

Madonna says she'll speak out against recent anti-gay laws at her shows in Russia this summer. Not everyone is thrilled with her support.

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Earlier this month, St. Petersburg passed a law banning "promoting homosexuality" — which could apply even to talking about LGBT people. Now Madonna has spoken out against said law in an oddly-enjambed Facebook post:

Naturally, this pissed people off.

Ouch! But maybe true: journalist Masha Gessen specifically urged Madonna to cancel her concert as a gesture of support for gay rights. So maybe Madonna's promise is just a little Madgesterial ass-covering? What ever the case, rest assured that St. Petersburg city assemblyman Vitaly Milanov is on it. He says he'll go to the show “to control its moral content," adding, “I’m ready to personally suffer a couple of hours of her concert.” What a martyr.

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