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Last Abortion Clinic In Mississippi Gets Painted Bright Pink

"A lot of the houses and businesses are painted different colors," says a staff member, "so why not make it blend in?"

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The Jackson Women's Health Organization (at JWHO), the last operating abortion clinic in Mississippi, may be facing closure, but that didn't stop it from getting a new paint job.

A clinic employee who identified herself as Shannon confirmed Tuesday that the center had recently gotten a new coat of paint. She said the owner had decided to repaint. She said the new pink hue wasn't meant as a reference to women's rights: "I don't think [the owner] so much thought it was a statement about women, but it could be considered that, I guess. She just wanted to go along with the bright colors in the area."

Many buildings and homes in the area are similarly bright (see below). "This is our district and a lot of the houses and businesses are painted different colors," said Shannon, "so why not make it blend in?"

The clinic may be closed since a law last year required all abortion providers in the state to have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and all hospitals have rejected the JWHO doctors' applications. The state Dept. of Health sent the clinic a letter on Monday stating that it was out of compliance with state law and that its license would be revoked — the clinic plans to request a public hearing to protest. For now, though, JWHO remains open — and bright.

h/t Irin Carmon.