How Well Do You Know Your (Fictional) Female Presidents?

TV and movies are ahead of reality in this regard. Test your knowledge of onscreen female presidents below.

  1. 1. What was this woman the President of?
    1. The thirteen colonies.
    2. The Twelve Colonies.
    3. The United States.
    4. Mars.
  2. 2. What was her job before she was President?
    1. Secretary of State.
    2. Vice President.
    3. Secretary of Education.
    4. House Majority Whip.
  3. 3. On what show does this woman become President of the United States?
    1. House of Cards.
    2. The West Wing.
    3. Scandal.
    4. Veep.
  4. 4. What about this woman?
    1. Commander in Chief.
    2. Veep.
    3. Madam President.
    4. Alf.
  5. 5. Which of these women has played the President of the United States?
    1. Kris Connor / Getty Images
      Dianne Wiest.
    2. Theo Wargo / Getty Images
      Joan Rivers
    1. Pool / Getty Images
      Meryl Streep
    2. Jason Merritt / Getty Images
      Susan Sarandon
  6. 6. In what movie did this woman play the President of the United States?
    1. Plan 9 From Outer Space
    2. Hail to the Chief
    3. Chasing Liberty
    4. Lincoln
  7. 7. Which of the following movies featured a female President?
    1. Mafia!
    2. Independence Day
    1. Airplane!
    2. Mars Attacks!
  8. 8. On what show did this women play the President?
    1. House of Cards.
    2. Star Trek: Enterprise.
    3. Prison Break.
    4. Malcolm in the Middle.
  9. 9. Which of these is the earliest movie to feature a female President?
    1. Project Moonbase.
    2. Whoops Apocalypse.
    3. Kisses for My President.
    4. Les Patterson Saves the World.
  10. 10. And in what year was that movie set?
    1. 2020
    2. 2001
    3. 1989
    4. 1970

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