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Conservative Women Strike Back At Obama's Women's Forum

The President held a forum on Women and the Economy this morning, but conservative women felt left out. So they took their criticism to Twitter.

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The White House suggested that Twitter followers tweet about the forum on the hashtag #WomenEconForum. Conservative hijacking of Democratic hashtags has been a bit of a trend lately, and right-wing talk radio host Jenn Taylor proposed giving #WomenEconForum the same treatment:


Many women were mad that the forum didn't appear to be bipartisan:

The speakers' list does look primarily left-wing, though it's worth noting that Mika Brezinski, moderator of the first panel, is reportedly anti-abortion (and anti-gun-control). Reproductive rights, incidentally, were an issue for conservatives on the hashtag:


So was the economy:



The part about the debt is true. However, "Time'"s Bryan Walsh argues convincingly that high gas prices aren't Obama's fault. And Brezinski asked a pointed question about the disappointing jobs report at 9:30 AM; that issue was hardly ignored at the forum.

Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett's participation was also at issue:

The claims that Jarrett exploited the poor probably stem from her work at real-estate firm Habitat Co, which has been criticized for mismanagement and safety problems in its properties. Jarrett's never tried to hide her daughter's use of her health insurance — she told a Selma, Alabama audience in March that "her family benefitted from the Affordable Care Act when she was able to provide health insurance for her daughter when she graduated from college."


The hashtag also included comments on patriotism:


And, of course, porn:

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