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    8 Weirdest Ways To Meet The Person Of Your Dreams

    Pheromone parties, foosball speed dating, and other bizarre ideas cooked up by event organizers to help people find love.

    1. Pheromone parties


    Attendees at "pheromone parties," which started in New York and L.A. and now take place across the country, have to bring a T-shirt they've slept in for three nights. Then everyone smells each other's shirts so they can chat up the owners of the sexiest-scented ones. But at an event attended by a Huffington Post reporter, the chatting-up part didn't go very well, perhaps because "your shirt smells great" is a really bizarre opener.

    2. Subway matchmaking


    "Love conductor" Erika Christensen apparently operates by spotting interesting-looking people on the subway, and then setting them up with each other. Her website says she's "targeting New York’s 1.6 billion subway riders, many of whom are the most alluring, creative and energetically sexy on earth." Or the most tired, disgruntled, and likely to be playing Angry Birds.

    3. Fantasy pseudonym foosball speed dating


    The Independent's Radikha Sanghani describes a Valentine's Day event in the U.K. in which daters not only had to play foosball ("table football") against each other, but also had to choose a "fantasy pseudonym" to use for the evening. Small talk was also banned. A survey of female daters' experiences seems to bode ill for this concept: "Most of the girls had said yes to men they weren't interested in, purely because they felt sorry for them."

    4. Roller-coaster speed dating


    U.K. amusement park Alton Woods tried this in 2009. A spokesperson explained, "The combination of a high endorphin rush and the production of adrenaline brought on by rides makes for a heady mixture, which is perfect for the first date. The flow of these chemicals almost guarantees to increase levels of attraction between singles." Unless someone vomits.

    5. Eye gazing


    This is just like speed dating except instead of saying anything, you stare silently into someone else's eyes for two minutes. Would be especially fun with novelty glasses.

    6. Giant red couch speed dating


    A Santa Monica company hosted a 2011 speed dating event on a 213-foot red leather couch. It was briefly certified as the world's largest couch, but has now been surpassed and is only the world's largest red couch. It may also be the largest couch to have hosted a speed dating event.

    7. Ghost/crime/sex bus tour dating


    The Weird Chicago Bus Tour singles event describes itself as "a combination ghost tour, crime tour, sex tour and pub crawl." A February 2011 event was geared toward divorcees, but any single people could attend. But the tour banned both "uptight" people and excessive drinkers: "If you become intoxicated on this tour bus, you will be thrown off the bus." The event apparently takes place regularly.

    8. Weed dating

    Jessie L. Bonner / AP

    Not what you think. This is where single people speed-date while working on a farm. One man who met his girlfriend this way tells the AP: "It's a pretty fun story, because it's not like a known thing, weed dating. A lot of people are like, 'So, were you on a pot farm?'"

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