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Which Of These 13 Guys Looking For Love On YouTube Would You Actually Date?

A South Florida man has taken his search for "Miss Right" to YouTube, and he's not alone. Below, more men whose dating videos are sweet, funny, or just plain strange.

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These gentlemen are ranked below in rough order of dateability (least to most), but your views may differ. Cast your vote in the comments.

1. The paranoid Brit

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This fellow seems unhealthily obsessed with STDs and his own salacious thoughts: "I wouldn't want a guy like me to go out with my daughter."

2. The bitter ex

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Calling your ex-girlfriend crazy may not be the best way to attract more women.

3. The wolfman

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This seems to be a joke, but a strange one. Why is he in a rocking chair?

4. The down-to-earth guy

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Neither the "down-to-earth" routine nor the sunscreen on his nose is doing him any favors.

5. The Army guy

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Benson really should've kicked his friends out of the room first.

6. The aspiring rapper

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SoFloDude86 is 26-year-old Scott Heide, who said in an email to BuzzFeed, "I have tried online dating sites for years now and have had no luck finding the right woman for me. [...] This inspired me to create my own online dating video to find my Miss Right!" Apparently he hasn't found her yet, because he's now working on a web reality show about his quest. Scott specifies in his video that he's looking for girls whose phone numbers begin with the digits 954-561, but he told me he would consider women from elsewhere "if they are planning on at least visiting the area." He explains that "for dating location is important" and "long distance relationships are difficult to maintain."

7. The self-described nerd

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One of Jason's hobbies is ranking all horror movies, and he just wants someone to watch with.

8. The anxious youth

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He loves rollerblading, and one commenter thinks he needs to talk more like "a news anchor."

9. The hunk

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Delivery needs work. Points for confidence, though!

10. The guy with a secret weapon

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This video suddenly gets way better at the 35-second mark.

11. The teddy bear

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This guy will keep your secrets, and be there for you "like a teddy bear." His profile warms my cold heart.

12. The charmer

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Mike is "five foot twelve inches tall" and he can read your mind. He also likes long walks on the beach.

13. Romeo

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I'm sure some lucky lady has already snapped him up.

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