11 People Completely Outraged By The Concept Of "Shopping" For Men

A French dating site hosted a party featuring male models in boxes, like Ken dolls. Commenters were horrified by this unprecedented objectification.

The French website AdopteUnMec.com (AdoptAGuy) lets female subscribers “shop” for guys. But they don’t actually pay for them — this is a dating site, not an escort service. And the “boutique” AdoptAGuy opened in Paris this week was just a promotional gag — the male models featured in doll-like boxes were not actual daters on the site, and were definitely not for sale. Nonetheless, some readers who commented at various news sites were shocked that such a thing could be allowed.

Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

A visitor checks out some of the models.

Jacky Naegelen / Reuters

The women could look at actual male daters’ profiles — but those guys were not in boxes.

One Daily Mail commenter, though, pointed out that in some places, women are “on display” all the time:

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