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    18 Times “Friends” Got Way, Way Too Real

    I'll be there for you when the rain starts to pour.

    1. When Chandler and Monica found out they can’t have children.

    NBC / S09E21

    2. And when Chandler convinced Erica to let them adopt her baby.

    NBC / S10E09

    3. When Phoebe had to say goodbye to the triplets.

    NBC / S05E03

    4. When Richard and Monica broke up on the dance floor.

    NBC / S02E24

    5. And when Chandler overcame his fear of commitment and proposed to Monica.

    NBC / S06E25

    6. When Phoebe got sad because she didn’t have loving parents as a kid.

    NBC / S01E23

    7. And when Ross got Phoebe a bike and taught her how to ride it.

    NBC / S07E09

    8. When Pheebs finally found something she's been missing all her life: a family and unconditional love.

    NBC / S10E12

    9. When Rachel, Phoebe, and Joey spoke up about not having money to enjoy the lifestyle they’d like to have.

    NBC / S02E05

    10. When Monica relived her struggle with body image and how it affected her life.

    NBC / S05E08

    11. When Chandler realised he needed to grow as a person, ASAP.

    NBC / S02E03

    12. And when he came around and finally accepted his father.

    NBC / S07E22

    13. When Phoebe decided she didn’t really need her father in her life to be happy.

    NBC / S02E09

    14. Just to confront him later on about abandoning her and her sister.

    NBC / S05E13

    15. When Rachel called Ross out on the way he treated her.

    NBC / S02E08

    16. When Joey realised he wanted love and real emotional connection but got rejected.

    NBC / S06E25

    17. When Rachel reminded everyone how important friendship is.

    NBC / S10E16

    18. And finally, when they all had to return the keys to Monica's apartment because another chapter in their life had closed.

    NBC / S10E18

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