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25 Faces Every Netflix Fan Will Immediately Recognise

For example, the "My Significant Other Is A Sly Jerk And Watched The Next Episode Without Me" Face. Yeah, you know which one I'm talking about.

1. The "I've Watched Two Seasons In A Day And I'm Completely Fine" Face:


2. The "I've Just Finished A Series And Now I'm Experiencing Nothing But Emptiness Inside" Face:


3. The "Yes Netflix, I Am Still Watching – Stop Judging Me" Face:

Polo Grounds Music / Via

4. The "I Had To Stop Watching The Show Mid-Season Because Apparently Real Life Needs Me" Face:

Warner Bros

5. The "I Finished My Food Before I Managed To Decide What To Watch" Face:


6. The "Oh No, I Can Already Feel I Will Become Obsessed With This Show" Face:


7. The "Congratulations Netflix – The Related Content Suggestions Have Nothing To Do With The Show I Wanted To See And Frankly They're All Shit" Face:

Good job Netflix, not only you don't have the show I wanna watch, but suggestions are all horrible as well.

8. The "Too Many People Are Using Your Account Right Now" Face:

ABC / Via Twitter: @modmamaa

9. The "Someone Was Using My Profile And It Fucked Up My Recommendations" Face:

Warner Bros

10. The "I'm Not Sure If I Should Start Watching The Next Episode Or Whether To Actually Do Something With My Life" Face:


11. The "I Fell Asleep Half Way Through A Binge-Watching Session" Face:


12. The "I'm So Excited They Finally Added My Favourite Film" Face:


13. The "I Had No Idea XYZ Was Also In This Film!" Face:


14. The "I've Decided To Watch A Small Show That's Been On TV Ages Ago And Now I Have No One To Discuss It With" Face:

15. The "I Can't Watch The Next Episode Until My Significant Other Gets Here" Face:

Bravo / Via

16. The "My Significant Other Is A Sly Jerk And Watched The Next Episode Without Me" Face:


17. The "OMG You Also Love This Show I'm Obsessed With Right Now" Face:

18. The "What Do You Mean You Don't Have Netflix?" Face:


19. The "This House Of Cards Intro Sure Does Takes A Long Time..." Face:

20th Century Fox / Via

20. The "I Can't Wait For The Next Season Of Orange Is The New Black" Face:


21. The "Please Stop Talking About Friends Being Available On Netflix In North America – I'm Foreign And It Hurts" Face:

NBC / Via

22. The "This Show Was Available For Ages And Now When I Actually Want To See It It's Not There" Face:

NBC / Via

23. The "The Newest Season Of The Show I'm Currently Obsessing Over Is Not Available" Face:

Bravo / Via

24. The "I Swear To God, This Episode Better Load Faster" Face:


25. And the "Oh No, The Comic Sans Captioning Is A Thing" Face: