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    The Cast Of "Orange Is The New Black" Doing Normal Stuff Together Is So Weird

    Look at them being friendly and not behind bars!

    1. Taystee and Crazy Eyes getting ready to bring the Christmas spirit and sing some carols:

    2. Red being the baddest bae in town while Piper, Suzanne, Big Boo, and Sophia have her back:

    Holy Mulgrew! @ConanOBrien @TeamCoco @AndyRichter watch your backs- we're coming for you.

    3. Crazy Eyes running a marathon and Taystee cheering for her at the finish line:

    "It's not a challenge if it doesn't change you." @Teamcontinuum #nycmarathon

    So glad I was able to be there when u finished your 26.2 mile marathon! @UzoAduba is a champion!! #inspiration

    4. Stash-less Pornstache and Hobbit wannabe Morello hanging out off set:

    5. Half of the prison casually posing in their everyday clothes with orange juice.

    6. Daya being affecionate with Nicky while Poussey's probably dreaming about food:

    “@OitnbNetflixs: My faves 👍👊 @nlyonne ” I love em a whole lot too. @samirawiley @SheIsDash @OITNB #SuperBowlXLIX

    7. Pornstache and Bennett supervising each other sleeping:

    8. Pennsatucky rocking out behind the spin table while Big Boo sings in a suit:

    9. Healy not only smiling, but also being BFFs with Caputo:

    Mikey and Nicky in L.A. @OITNB @OITNB_Beyond @OITNB_Daily @AllThingsOITNB @OITNB_FR @TeamOITNB @OITNBrazil

    10. Taystee and Poussey playing dress-up:

    11. Cindy, Morello, Yoga Jones, Leanne, and Poussey enjoying some off-set arts and crafts.

    12. Nicky and Piper celebrating New Year's Eve in style:

    “@fabulouslana: why @nlyonne ” what? cc: @TaySchilling

    13. Daya and Cindy casually meeting Snoop Dogg.

    14. Alex, Suzanne, and Piper about to get on a plane where they can pee whenever they like:

    15. Taystee, Daya, Morello, and Poussey celebrating New York Pride:

    16. Leanne, Daya, Gloria, and O'Neill grabbing some drinks and working the camera:

    17. Nicky and Alex clearly cheating on Piper in downtown New York.

    With the hot-ass @nlyonne ...Piper in the morning, Nicky at night #alexgetsaround

    18. Larry being rejected by the group while Sophia, Nicky, and Daya are bored out of their minds.

    “@chellax21: Stop this right now @nlyonne ” clearly the best photo we will ever take. @OITNB #mexico #hailsatan #666

    19. Crazy Eyes and Pennsatucky looking rather amazing.

    20. Leanne and Angie captured in the very rare moment of actually being nice to each other.

    21. And these girls who hate each other, having a great time.

    22. Bennett, Maritza, Daya, and Flaca on the subway.

    23. Big Boo and Soso enjoying a very platonic get-together.

    24. And finally, Vee, for once, being nice to Crazy Eyes and Nicky.

    So proud of my Orange Sistas! We won !!@ForeverABC @OITNB @SELMAFilm