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19 Signs You're Secretly A Grandma At Heart


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6. Slow-paced, relaxing hobbies are your jam.

Stopping my knitting to watch paranormal activity is the worst thing that's happened to me all weekend #grandmaatheart

7. And your taste in entertainment is quite peculiar.

channel 4 have changed their scheduling so now I don't get to watch countdown in the morning, how inconsiderate of them


8. You like music that doesn’t necessarily reflect your generation’s taste.

#Jamoftheday old school Italian beats. My type of music 💕🎧😘#DeanMartin #singtome #Grandmaatheart ❤ @50sand60s

9. You simply LOVE to bake.

11. You tend to lose stuff easily.

I actually ask myself "where tf are my glasses?" upwards of 68249542 times a day and they're usually on my head.. #GrandmaAtHeart


12. You enjoy floral patterns more than anyone your age usually does.

I'm in love with my new bedspread.. & it's a quilt.. #GrandmaAtHeart #OldFashioned #Vintage #Flowers

13. You like practical gifts more than anything else.

Finally at the age where I get household appliances for holidays... And I couldn't be more excited! #GrandmaAtHeart

14. And efficiency and saving are in your blood.

I die a little bit inside every time I get a really good groupon coupon that I can't use it - 45%OffKitchenAidMixer #GrandmaAtHeart


17. The word "sport" has a different meaning to you.

Bingo on the beach?! Hell yeah! #grandmaatheart #catalinaistoocute