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    19 Signs You're Secretly A Grandma At Heart


    1. There's a good chance you call everyone "sweetie" or "hun".

    2. And the teenage lingo goes completely over your head.


    3. You can’t quite get the hang of modern technology.


    4. You enjoy waking up and going to bed early.


    5. And naps are definitely the highlight of your day.


    6. Slow-paced, relaxing hobbies are your jam.

    Stopping my knitting to watch paranormal activity is the worst thing that's happened to me all weekend #grandmaatheart

    7. And your taste in entertainment is quite peculiar.

    channel 4 have changed their scheduling so now I don't get to watch countdown in the morning, how inconsiderate of them

    8. You like music that doesn’t necessarily reflect your generation’s taste.

    #Jamoftheday old school Italian beats. My type of music 💕🎧😘#DeanMartin #singtome #Grandmaatheart ❤ @50sand60s

    9. You simply LOVE to bake.

    10. Tea > booze. Always.

    Comedy Central

    11. You tend to lose stuff easily.

    I actually ask myself "where tf are my glasses?" upwards of 68249542 times a day and they're usually on my head.. #GrandmaAtHeart

    12. You enjoy floral patterns more than anyone your age usually does.

    I'm in love with my new bedspread.. & it's a quilt.. #GrandmaAtHeart #OldFashioned #Vintage #Flowers

    13. You like practical gifts more than anything else.

    Finally at the age where I get household appliances for holidays... And I couldn't be more excited! #GrandmaAtHeart

    14. And efficiency and saving are in your blood.

    I die a little bit inside every time I get a really good groupon coupon that I can't use it - 45%OffKitchenAidMixer #GrandmaAtHeart

    15. Young people these days tend to annoy you.

    16. And therefore you often find yourself making friends with people who are older than you.

    20th Century Fox

    17. The word "sport" has a different meaning to you.

    Bingo on the beach?! Hell yeah! #grandmaatheart #catalinaistoocute

    18. But most important, you're very loving.

    19. And all your friends come to you for advice.

    Because let's face it – grandmas are super great. So never change.

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