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19 Problems Only People Who Are Really Loud Will Understand

Loud and proud.

1. You’d always get in trouble at school for being too loud and talking too much.

2. And your house is rarely quiet when you’re there.

3. People often assume you’re mad at them because they think you’re raising your voice.

4. And therefore some find you rude and hard to communicate with.

5. Others judge you before they even get the chance to get to know you because of how loud you speak.

6. And there’s a good chance your voice is so powerful it makes others feel like they can’t express themselves when you’re talking.

7. People tend to focus a lot on how loud you’re speaking rather than on what you’re saying.

8. That's why you're often asked why the hell you're yelling so much.

9. And you're constantly told to tone it down.

10. Once you stop talking, you can almost taste the silence in the room.

11. And people love to give you evil looks.

12. Since you talk loudly, you also laugh loudly.

13. And whispering is an art you haven’t mastered well.

14. When you’re on the phone, everyone around you knows what the hot gossip is.

15. Your friends can hear you before they see you.

16. And you start talking extra loudly when you get animated about things you like.

17. Most likely you don’t have an "inside voice" which causes you to overshare.

18. Which makes some people think you’re just too straightforward.

19. But you can’t help it, you’re just a naturally loud talker.

Stay loud and proud, my friend.