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24 Problems Every Immigrant Will Understand

"But you don't look/sound/act like [enter nationality here]!"

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1. The “Where are you from?” question is a complicated one.

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You always feel like it would be easier to just have a map ready with you at all times in case you need to make an impromptu presentation.

2. And all the inevitable "Which country do you like better?" shenanigans make you so nervous.

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So hard to answer. So hard not to offend anyone. HELP.

3. A lot of your stories start with “When I lived in…”


I'm not bragging, I swear.

4. And you often have to prove to people you're not a stereotype.

5. Communication turns out to be super hard sometimes.

6. Especially that your English is most likely a weird mix of clumsy phrases from textbooks and slang words you learned from movies and TV shows.


7. Not to mention your accent changes pretty much daily, depending on who you hang out with. / Via Universal

8. Some pop culture references go completely over your head.

9. And as a result, you find yourself confused more than other people.


10. You’re not really sure how to celebrate some of the holidays your new country has to offer.

Am I even allowed to celebrate the 4th of July? #immigrantproblems


Am I even allowed to celebrate the 4th of July? #immigrantproblems

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11. And you find yourself craving food that is not available or very hard to get.

12. Lunch often proved to be an embarrassing time for you at school.

13. And even now, people still question your food choices from time to time.

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14. Making new friends is a skill you’ve mastered by now.


15. And you get super excited when you meet someone else who knows the multicultural lifestyle.


16. But unfortunately, mixing your friend groups is awfully painful.

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You never know which language to speak not to exclude anyone.

17. You have close family members and friends whom you only see once in a while.

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18. And you had no choice but to master all the social media available to keep in touch with them.

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There are times when you use Skype or WhatsUpp more than your actual phone.

19. You spend a lot of money to travel back and forth to the motherland.

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If you ever get to go back at all, that is.

20. And you've had to learn how to pack quickly and efficiently.

21. You developed very strong opinions on best and worst airlines and airports.

Or train providers and train stations. Or bus companies and bus terminals.

22. You’re never really sure what to label yourself as.


Nothing really fits! It's like you're suspended between two (or more) cultures.

23. And despite cultural differences, you are still often asked to meet the expectations set by the traditions in your home country.

My parents are gonna be so disappointed when I tell them I don't wanna be an engineer #immigrantProblems

Masoud The Dude@Masoud_khaniFollow

My parents are gonna be so disappointed when I tell them I don't wanna be an engineer #immigrantProblems

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24. You often wish there was a magical land that combined all the good things and traditions you experienced during your travels.

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But at the end of the day, you’re very proud to be who you are.


Because no one else can have so many wonderful memories and experiences as you do!