27 Reasons You Should Never Visit Poland

    A complete waste of time, tbh.

    1. So some people like to believe Poland is beautiful.

    2. But the sad truth is, it's not.

    3. It's a country that should be avoided at all costs.

    4. There's absolutely nothing particularly breathtaking to see there.

    5. No interesting landscapes.

    6. No remarkable animals.

    7. No fascinating nature.

    8. Not to mention, the seasons suck. Spring has nothing to offer.

    9. Summer is highly forgettable.

    10. Autumn is gloomy and depressing.

    11. And winter is just the ugliest season of them all.

    12. The country has no history whatsoever.

    13. It's like it just popped up out of nowhere one day.

    14. Consequently, it has close to no traditions.

    15. And that's also why the cities aren’t all that great.

    16. Very mediocre, if you look closely.

    17. Ugh, how ugly!

    18. Not to mention the architecture that is quite unremarkable.

    19. Everything's so grey.

    20. Post-Communist landscape, really.

    21. Major drawback? Terrible castles.

    22. On top of all that, the food is horrible.

    23. It actually looks pretty disgusting, tbh.

    24. All in all, the whole country screams "mediocre".

    25. It is pretty sad to see.

    26. And it feels like no one’s even trying out there to make it look appealing.

    27. Seriously, why would anyone even bother visiting Poland?

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