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    21 Times Tumblr Users Perfectly Explained What It's Like To Fight With Your Brain

    Because anxiety is basically your brain conspiring against you.

    1. When they outlined the struggle of having your brain control your tear ducts.

    2. When they recognized your brain's skewed ideas about relationships.

    3. When they revealed how rude your brain is when you're trying to sleep.

    4. So rude.

    5. When they accurately described the drama in your head when you make a tiny mistake.

    6. Seriously, so dramatic.

    7. Even though you're totally chill when other people make mistakes.

    8. When they summed up your thoughts after you send a simple text message.

    9. And your thoughts when you do anything around fellow humans.

    10. When they understood the struggle of feeling guilty about all of your problems.

    11. When they realized that even when you've done LITERALLY NOTHING, your brain will come up with something to worry about.

    12. And sometimes it doesn't even bother coming up with a reason.

    13. When they understood how your brain brings up the most random of thoughts.

    14. When they recognized that your brain always picks the worst possible person to crush on.

    15. Or crushes that are wholly unecessary.

    16. When they described why trying new things is so terrifying.

    17. Or even just riding in a car.

    18. When they understood the constant battle in your mind.

    19. And when they pointed out that when you finally do have a good day, your brain is probably going to butt in on that, too.

    20. When they came up with acronyms that more accurately describe your mental state.

    21. And finally, when they knew that even if you ask nicely, your brain is rarely on your side.

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