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21 Signs You Took High School Way Too Seriously

First one to class, last one to leave.

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1. You asked if extra credit was available even though you were already acing the class.

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2. You were that person who reminded the teacher about the homework.

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You worked really hard on that assignment, OK??

3. You asked about the final exam on the first day of school.

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4. Teachers eventually stopped calling on you to give other students a chance.

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5. You felt like the world was going to end every time you got an A-.

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6. And being on the honor roll was just a given for you.

7. School nights were a sacred time for studying and sleeping. Anything else was unheard of.

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8. And you needed your weekend to get ahead on homework.

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9. Dating would have just been a distraction from the valedictorian race.


And you needed to win.

10. Unless it was study dates, of course.

11. You HATED group projects because everyone just assumed you would do all the work.

I mean, you did. But still.

I mean, you did. But still.

12. You took a lot of pride in your perfect attendance record.

13. The mere thought of Senior Skip Day filled you with anxiety.

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"I can't miss class today! We have a final in two weeks!!!"

14. You were better friends with some of your teachers than with your classmates. / Via

15. And you felt betrayed when a teacher went off on a tangent during the lecture.

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16. You got picked first as a lab partner and last in gym class.

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17. Your study guides were coveted by everyone in your class.

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18. And you made extensive flash cards to go along with them.

You could never be too prepared.

19. But you still had a breakdown every AP test period.

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To be fair, you were taking 10 APs.

20. You took the SAT and the ACT, just to be sure.

21. And even after you got into your dream college, you still worked just as hard.

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