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    18 Truths Everyone Without A Squad Knows About

    There are no #SquadGoals.

    1. You don’t have a group of six to eight friends who know you better than you know yourself.

    2. But you do have like, four or five normal friends.

    3. Maybe you did at one point have a close group of friends in high school and/or college.

    4. But now that you’re all living adult lives, #SquadGoals are a fantasy best left to Hollywood.

    5. On the rare occasions you do get the old team back together, you spend all your time relearning each other’s lives.

    6. You don’t have recurring brunch plans with the same people, but you do have a lot of one-on-one brunches with acquaintances.

    7. Which means you’ve totally perfected your small talk game.

    8. When you do go out with your friends, they usually bring people from their own squads that you don't know.

    9. And you always celebrate your birthday with a group of random friends that all know you but not each other.

    10. So you spend all night trying to be the ~bridge between the two worlds.~

    11. And sometimes you just host several different birthday parties for different friends to avoid all the stress.

    12. You can never remember if your different friends have met each other before, so you’re often awkwardly reintroducing them.

    13. Roommates make decent friends, but you can also go for weeks seeing them only in passing.

    14. Movie nights are not six people crammed onto one couch, but Netflix on your laptop in bed.

    15. When you need some dating advice you ask Google, not a group chat.

    16. And when you go shopping, you get outfit feedback by texting selfies to your mom.

    17. Hearing about other people’s #squads makes you worry that maybe you’re doing this friendship thing all wrong.

    18. But honestly you're pretty happy living that independent adult life.