"Sky High" Is Actually Just An "Avatar: The Last Airbender" High School AU

    Warren Peace is LITERALLY a firebender.

    So Warren Peace, infamous bad boy at Sky High, has the ability to shoot balls of fire out of his arms.

    The reason he's so troubled and angsty? His evil father, of course.

    Sound familiar at all????

    Also Warren's evil father is the reason he has a grudge against the protagonist, Will Stronghold.

    Hmmmm who else is fighting the hero of the story in the name of his father, I wonder...

    Will Stronghold, by the way, can fly, or as some might say, BEND THE AIR...

    But then it turns out the fire guy and the flying guy fight really well together.

    And by the end, they go from enemies to best friends.

    Meanwhile, Layla the flower child is the caring, righteous, yet crazy-powerful one...

    Plants and water are basically the same thing, y'all. PLANTS ARE FILLED WITH WATER.

    And let's be real, the tension between Warren and Layla has Zutara vibes all over it.

    Be honest, if you shipped Zutara you shipped Layla and Warren too.

    But of course, Kataang wins out as canon in the end.

    Don't even start on how Toph and Sokka these two are.

    We can only conclude then that Sky High is a modern-day version of Team Avatar's adventures in high school.