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    This Guy Invented Extra Long Selfie Arms And It's The Weirdest Thing Ever

    Why must we play God?

    If you've ever wished you had really, really long arms to step up your selfie game, this Japanese blogger has an invention for you.

    Mansoon / Via

    He explained his process behind his version of the Selfie stick on the Japanese blog Omocoro.

    The device is a little... off-putting.

    Mansoon / Via

    Nothing weird about these arms. Total normal arm-length right here.

    Mansoon / Via

    Can you imagine being out in public and seeing this rise above the crowd?

    Mansoon / Via
    Mansoon / Via

    This invention is not to be confused with the "selfie arm" designed for creating the illusion you are not alone.

    Justin Crowe and Aric Snee

    Nope, these arms are all about creating the illusion that you are super stretchy.

    Mansoon / Via

    It's cool, I'll just be over here having nightmares about this for weeks.

    Mansoon / Via

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