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21 Secrets Arby's Employees Will Never Tell You

Those fries just come curly.

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3. Employees hate it when customers ring “The Bell.”

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If you do ring it, at least don't be that guy saying, "I can't hear you!" when the workers say "thank you" as quietly as possible.

8. The drive-thru is on a timer, which is why workers get impatient if you’re dawdling in your car.


Because managers judge workers on their average drive-thru times. So if you're not in a hurry, just come inside!

10. If you're ordering a bunch of chicken tenders, be prepared to wait a little longer.

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All chicken has to cook for five minutes, so the sooner you tell your cashier, the sooner they can get it in the fryer.

11. There's not necessarily a "secret menu," but as long as the store has the ingredients, they can pretty much make any sandwich you want.

13. And salads take forever to make, so if you order one late in the day you might just be told they're all out.

15. And at lunch, they take whatever ingredients they want for their own delicious sandwich inventions.

16. That rumor that the roast beef starts off as liquid is totally false.

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It's true the beef comes in bags, because, like most things you buy, it has packaging. But rest assured, it's solid when it's put in the oven and when it comes out.

17. If the turnovers are too overcooked to sell, the workers get to eat them.

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And since there's never enough for everyone, it's a fight to the death to get them.

19. Intra-work relationships definitely happen.

21. But for the most part, awesome co-workers are the only thing keeping Arby's workers sane.

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