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23 Simple Ways To Be The Literal Worst Today

The smallest of gestures can ruin someone's day!

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2. Mime knocking on an invisible door and say "Knock Knock! It's me!" whenever you approach anyone.

3. Silently indicate to a passerby that they have food stuck in their teeth when they don't.

4. Insist to a stranger in a public restroom that you guys went to summer camp together. Keep insisting no matter how much they deny it, until they are forced to agree.

5. Approach other customers while grocery shopping to ask where they got every single item in their cart.


7. Send a mass text to random phone numbers asking if anyone can actually explain the ending of Inception.

8. Bring up embarrassing moments from a friend's past by saying "Remember that time you..."

9. Follow up everything you say with "Am I right, ladies?" Am I right, ladies?

10. Sing Rebecca Black's "Friday" under your breath whether or not it's Friday.

11. Narrate everything your roommate does aloud.

13. Respond to any criticism with "Stop kink-shaming me, bro!"

14. Hover a finger in front of your coworker's face and say "I'm not touching you!"

15. Respond to everything anyone says with "Says you."

16. Start a rumor that Taco Bell will give out free tacos to anyone who sings the song from the 1979 commercial to the cashier.

18. Raise your hand and wait to be called on in a normal conversation. If no one calls on you, raise it higher and wave it around a bit.

19. Say "Oh, I actually have a boyfriend" to people who sit down next to you on the bus.

20. When someone gives you a ride, jump in their car, shout out your address, and say "AND STEP ON IT!"

21. Address old friends exclusively by their AIM screen name.

22. Take 25 not-quite identical pictures of your dog and send them out as 10 second snapchats.

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