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    This Gigantic Three-Litre Mojito Is Everything You Never Knew You Needed

    For once you'll be telling the truth when you say: "I'm only going out for one drink".

    This is no camera trick, folks. There's an actual giant mojito that you can order from a bar on the Gold Coast. And everyone's getting in on it.

    Koi Broadbeach has been serving these cocktails for a year now and they're definitely a popular order. Could it be because they're the largest per serve available in Australia?

    Memoir Imagery / Courtesy of Koi Broadbeach

    "We serve around 15-20 giant cocktails a week. And apart from the mint sprigs, the glass always comes back empty," beverage manager Tom Sanders told BuzzFeed.

    The drink is three litres large with approximately 240mL of alcohol. Sanders said that's equivalent to 10-12 standard drinks!

    Memoir Imagery / Courtesy of Koi Broadbeach

    Because of this, the Responsible Service of Alcohol requires at least four people share the one drink.

    The Koi team came up with the idea because 60% of their beverage sales comes from cocktails. So the concept of shared cocktail drinks was born.

    The three litre glasses are $68-70 each and come in three kinds: vodka, rum, and passionfruit.

    Seriously, it's big enough for the entire party.

    MB Imagery and Photography / Courtesy of Koi Broadbeach

    And everyone - literally EVERYONE - will get a sip of it.

    Memoir Imagery / Courtesy of Koi Broadbeach

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