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Here's How Australia Said Farewell To Lleyton Hewitt

If only the David Ferrer was a little more Rusty.

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Australia's very own tennis wonder boy Lleyton Hewitt announced that he will be hanging up his racket after this year's Australian Open.

William West / AFP / Getty Images

The former World No.1 entered his 20th and final Australian Open unseeded and faced 8th seed David Ferrer in round two.

Tracey Nearmy / AAP

Some fans were lucky enough to watch this momentous event live at Rod Laver Arena.

While some parts of the country were on the edge of their seats waiting for their electricity to come back up so they could catch the match on TV.

Because Hewitt's a true Aussie champ.

And all of the country was cheering him on one last time.

This is literally all of Australia rn.

Screaming Hewitt's signature C'MONNNNN!

C'mon #HewBeauty.


There was a lot of Aussie pride running through people's veins.

Plenty of fans coming out of the woodwork.

And people realising what a tough match he's up against.

Maybe Australia wished it was Ferrer who was rusty on Thursday night. But our main man had a brilliant run anyway.

Michael Dodge / Getty Images

Lleyton rallied and fought hard...

Pat Scala / Getty Images

He played some incredible shots.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

But in the end, Ferrer was too good, and Lleyton's career was over.

Quinn Rooney / Getty Images

It didn't matter though. Everyone was just happy they got to see Lleyton play one last time.

Beautiful end to a brilliant tennis career. @lleytonhewitt #100percent #winner #AusOpen #HewBeauty

There goes 20 years of our lives. #HewBeauty

What an entertainer, what a champion!! Thank you #HewBeauty @lleytonhewitt

today we say farewell to a legend @lleytonhewitt what you did for tennis will never be forgotten🎾😻🏆 #HewBeauty

Bye Lleyton, you're a deadset legend.

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