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This Artist Recreated Iconic Wes Anderson Scenes With Paper

A full-fledged Tenenbaum.

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There's no question that Wes Anderson makes some of the most visually enticing films out there. Barcelona artist Mar Cerdà loves his work so much, that she transformed some scenes into mini papercut models.

Cerdà is an illustrator by profession, and making these tiny models is a hobby. She said she finds the exercise quite therapeutic.

Mar Cerdà

"It’s like a kind of meditation where everything else disappears and I can’t think of anything else," Cerda told BuzzFeed.


It's all worth it though. The Darjeeling Limited is her favourite Wes Anderson film ever.

"I loved it the first time I saw it, and I fell in love with the train. So in love that I was so sad when they get off the train so soon in the movie!"