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21 Signs You're Actually A True Blue Aussie Despite Being Born Overseas

You’re a bazillion miles away from the rest of the world and you’ve accepted it.

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1. You very casually call people "mate" without sounding silly anymore.

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2. You have no trouble understanding the funny Aussie accent.

3. You shorten your words, or add "ies" or "o" to them.

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Sunnies... boardies... avo... Paddo...

4. When tourists ask you for directions, you know where to send them.


5. …and you likely don’t go to those places anymore because you’re over them.

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6. You follow local sports and probably have a team that you barrack for.

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7. You've also started to crush on local celebrities.

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8. ...And started to understand the appeal of local TV shows.

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9. You've been desensitised to the ridiculously expensive rent.


10. …expensive food.


11. …or expensive cups of coffee.

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12. Your coffee has to come from a tiny hole in the wall cafe on an obscure street. Not from a giant commercial chain. / Via

You're a bonafide coffee snub.

13. You've added avocados to your breakfast routine.

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And you still don't love vegemite, but you're trying your very best to.

14. You have strong opinions about this guy:


15. You've accepted the fact that you get TV shows and movies, and sometimes even fashion, later than the rest of the world.


16. Traveling five hours by plane to get to the other side of the country no longer bothers you.

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17. You've complained about a shitty Australian airport at least once.

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18. ...Or the shitty weather.

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Too hot. Too cold. Too dry. Too humid.

19. Sunblock is a staple in your toiletry cabinet.


20. You've started to take the beaches for granted because there are so many.

21. And by now, no one realises that you didn't grow up in Australia.