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    This Snow-Covered Forest Will Take Your Breath Away

    Welcome to Australia's very own Narnia.

    *GASP* Look at this pine-lined forest nestled at the foot of Australia's Snowy Mountains and tell me it isn't the most magical sight you've ever seen.

    A generous snow shower over the last week transformed the Sugar Pine Walk into a dreamy landscape.

    Some people also call this place the Fairytale Forest, and honestly, it won't be surprising if one of Aslan's unicorns makes an appearance.

    The forest is just a 2.5 hour drive from Canberra, and since 1928 when the pine trees were planted, it's been a favourite destination for a quiet weekend getaway.

    The brave souls do more than just a day trip and camp on the snowy ground. Imagine waking up to this!

    Many others use the place as source of inspiration.

    And how can you not? This has got to be the most romantic place in Australia.

    Shut that wardrobe, I only wanna live in this magical world.