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This Snow-Covered Forest Will Take Your Breath Away

Welcome to Australia's very own Narnia.

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*GASP* Look at this pine-lined forest nestled at the foot of Australia's Snowy Mountains and tell me it isn't the most magical sight you've ever seen.

Instagram: @lesarticulums

A generous snow shower over the last week transformed the Sugar Pine Walk into a dreamy landscape.

Instagram: @haydenseyes

Some people also call this place the Fairytale Forest, and honestly, it won't be surprising if one of Aslan's unicorns makes an appearance.

Instagram: @haydenseyes

The forest is just a 2.5 hour drive from Canberra, and since 1928 when the pine trees were planted, it's been a favourite destination for a quiet weekend getaway.

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The brave souls do more than just a day trip and camp on the snowy ground. Imagine waking up to this!

Instagram: @jakelapham

Many others use the place as source of inspiration.

Instagram: @carlahananiah

And how can you not? This has got to be the most romantic place in Australia.

Instagram: @lauraaroseecarlsonn

Shut that wardrobe, I only wanna live in this magical world.

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