This Is How Professionals At The Australian Open Survive The Intense Heat

    These guys can survive extreme weather, but it comes with a lot of preparation.

    1. Ice packs and cooling vests are available to players upon request.

    2. When the temperature hits 30 degrees, the break between sets is longer.

    3. Play is suspended when the WBGT temperature goes over 34 degrees.

    4. Players train outdoors and in intense heat in the lead-up to the tournament.

    5. Officials and volunteers avoid black, heavy and tight-fitting clothing.

    6. They start their day with a big breakfast.

    7. While players have unrestricted access to water, everyone else has their own formula for how much water they should drink.

    8. If playing for more than an hour, sports drinks with around 6% carbohydrate concentration are available to players.

    9. Ballkids and volunteers spend time outs spraying themselves with water to cool down.

    Water doesn't just help when you drink it. Splashing some on your body will cool you down fast. There are giant mist fans around the grounds of Melbourne Park.

    10. Players and umpires have retractable roofs built onto their on-court seats.

    11. Ballkids wear headgear with flaps attached to cover both the sides and back of their head.

    If court officials can't seek respite in the shade because there's an ongoing match, they're given caps that will give them ample coverage.

    12. And photographers take hotel towels to matches.