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    This Guy’s Photos Of Sunrises And Sunsets Will Make You Want To Travel To NZ

    31 flavours of the sun.

    New Zealand Geographic Young Photographer of the Year 2016 Talman Madsen spent all of January watching sunrises and sunsets in New Zealand. There are worse jobs.

    Auckland-based Madsen, 24, would wake as early as 3am to drive or hike to a location around the North Island. "In total I spent around four hours in the morning and another four hours at night to shoot the sunrise and sunset," Madsen told BuzzFeed.

    He said the exercise encouraged him to think creatively so he could show his hometown in a different light.

    Day 1

    All photos by Talman Madsen / Diimex

    Sunrise at Ocean Beach and sunset at Mt Manaia.

    Day 2

    Sunrise at Whangarei Heads and sunset at Baylys Beach.

    Day 3

    Sunrise at Kai Iwi Lakes and sunset at Bland Bay.

    Day 4

    Talman Madsen

    Sunrise at Whananaki and sunset at Muriwai Gannet Colony.

    Day 5

    Sunrise at Torbay, Auckland and Kaipara Harbour.

    Day 6

    Sunrise at Magazine Bay and sunset at Whatipu.

    Day 7

    Sunrise at Huia and sunset at Auckland.

    Day 8

    Sunrise at Waiwera and sunset at Greenhithe, Auckland.

    Day 9

    Sunrise at Mahurangi and sunset at Bethels Beach.

    Day 10

    Sunrise at Bay of Islands and sunset at Te Paki.

    Day 11

    Sunrise at Cable Bay and sunset at Rawhiti.

    Day 12

    Sunrise at Elliot Bay and sunset at Mt Victoria.

    Day 13

    Sunrise at Hatfields Beach and sunset at Karekare.

    Day 14

    Sunrise at North Head and sunset at Whites Beach.

    Day 15

    Sunrise at Mr Eden and sunset at Island Bay Wharf.

    Day 16

    Sunrise at Matakatia Bay and sunset at Paikea Bay.

    Day 17

    Talman Madsen

    Sunrise at Auckland Museum and sunset at Araparera River.

    Day 18

    Sunrise at Shoal Bay and sunset at Manukau Heads.

    Day 19

    Sunrise at Waitawa Regional Park and sunset at Beach Haven.

    Day 20

    Sunrise at Orewa and sunset at Stillwater.

    Day 21

    Sunrise at Browns Bay Beach and sunset at Piha.

    Day 22

    Sunrise at Devonport and sunset at Makarau.

    Day 23

    Sunrise at Piha and sunset at Anawhata.

    Day 24

    Sunrise at Mangere Bridge and sunset at Murrays Bay Wharf.

    Day 25

    Talman Madsen

    Sunrise at Te Arai Point and sunset at Red Beach.

    Day 26

    Sunrise at Takapuna and sunset at Mercer Bay Loop.

    Day 27

    Sunrise at Winstones Cove and sunset at Wainui

    Day 28

    Sunrise at Wenderholm and sunset at Kuemu.

    Day 29

    Sunrise at Okura and sunset at West Coast.

    Day 30

    Sunrise at Kennedy Park and sunset at One Tree Hill.

    Day 31

    Sunrise at Cornwallis Wharf and sunset at Muriwai.

    Follow Talman Madsen's adventures here and here.

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