We Asked Photographers How To Take Sunset Photos That Are Actually Good

    Put the gold in the golden hour.

    1. Focus on or near the sun if you want a defined outline.

    2. Focus on another bright part of the image if you want to blow out the sun.

    3. Crop out unnecessary background.

    4. Flip your phone upside down.

    5. Get closer to your subject for sharper details.

    6. For silhouettes, look for movement.

    7. Also have the sun directly behind or slightly off-centre of the subject.

    8. Position yourself (the photographer) directly in front of the sun.

    9. Trees make for a good background.

    10. Plants also make for a good foreground.

    11. When there's movement, play with long exposure.

    12. Shoot at different times during the golden hour.

    13. Don't over-edit.

    14. Avoid heavily overcast days.

    15. For a different perspective, shoot in Portrait mode.

    16. Get close to water if you can.