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    19 Insane Dessert Hybrids That Will Make You Gently Weep

    My kind of marriage.

    1. Even your eyes will drool at these too-pretty macaron doughnuts.

    2. These delicate crêpe cakes are layers and layers of deliciousness.

    3. You won't feel short-changed by this generously-stuffed doughnut kebab.

    4. This funky watermelon jelly dotted with choc-chip seeds is the only way to cap a great dumplings dinner.

    5. Dig into this flaky croissant-muffin fusion.

    6. And while you're in the area, grab some of these super fresh pavlova cups.

    7. You're never too old to get a fairy floss cake for your birthday.

    8. Nothing beats baklava ice cream by the sea.

    9. This trendy cronut is getting a lavish dump of toppings at this place.

    10. And for another Dominique Ansel-inspired creation, take your morning shot in a cookie cup.

    11. Maxibon has always been an Aussie favourite, but here's a vegan version that doesn't scrimp on flavour.

    12. Tell me you can resist this s'mores hot chocolate, and I'll tell you you're lying.

    13. And these cinamon doughnuts scrolls? Just yum!


    Order them online from Grumpy Donuts.

    14. These ice cream bao-wiches are the perfect Asian version of the classic dessert hybrid.

    15. There's Halal Snack Packs, sure. But behold its brilliant dessert spin-off, the chocolate snack pack (made with waffle strips and the holy trinity of chocolate sauce).

    16. These melon bowls give you so much more as you keep digging.

    17. Peanut butter and jelly ice cream sandwich, anyone?

    18. The name might turn you off, but don't judge this bowl of chocolate pasta before you taste it.

    19. And, this knafeh (a traditional Palestinian cheese pastry soaked in syrup) in gelato form is definitely worth the trip.

    Get in my mouth and let's have a threesome!


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