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    17 Creative Ways Australians Got Around After Their Town Had Been Flooded

    Bring out those giant pink flamingos!

    1. Residents of the northern NSW regional city of Lismore powered through the floods as heavy rains from Cyclone Debbie lashed last week.


    2. Lismore sits on the edge of the Wilsons River, so when the banks overflowed, many residents were forced to seek refuge.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAP

    Cars and removalist's trucks caught in the waters were useless.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

    3. So people got creative!

    Tracey Nearmy / AAP

    4. There was a lot of paddling.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAP

    5. Including a drive thru. Let's be real, there's no better time for a Macca's run!

    Dave Hunt / AAPIMAGE

    6. You gotta drink to that!

    Dave Hunt / AAP

    7. Surfboards also proved useful.

    Jason O'brien / Getty Images

    8. Not just to keep humans dry, but to save the animals too.

    @keatj92 / Instagram / Via

    Don't forget our chicken friends! πŸ”πŸ”πŸ”

    9. Here's another paddler surveying the new waterways of Lismore.

    @thomaskinivan / Instagram / Via

    10. Residents can still fly out of Lismore by plane. That is, if they can get themselves to this island.

    Stringer . / Reuters

    11. Otherwise those giant inflatable birds will have to do the job.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAP / Via

    12. It's a unicorn to the rescue!

    @blackgypsybags / Instagram / Via

    13. In the beginning mountain bikes were handy for wading through the flood. Not for long.

    Tracey Nearmy / AAPIMAGE

    14. Some people thought folk music would help.

    Facebook: video.php

    15. These bros each had their own mode of transport: an inflatable mattress, a wheelie bin and the roof of a car (might as well make use of it while it's still above water).

    Dave Hunt / AAPIMAGE

    16. Those who couldn't return to their own beds camped out in the car as they waited for the floods to recede.

    Jason O'brien / Getty Images

    17. And here's one resident chillin' on a park bench with a cuppa.

    @maddisonrosevine / Instagram / Via

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