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    This Popular Tourist Island May Temporarily Shut Down Because Tourists Ruined It

    Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte described Boracay as a "cesspool".

    This is Boracay Island, the most popular tourist destination in the Philippines.

    Recently, the Philippine government announced it plans to close Boracay to visitors so it can undertake environmental rehabilitation.

    But why is this necessary, you might wonder, at a destination known for idyllic tropical holidays?

    Lately though, paradise has looked a

    The summer season is also when Boracay's environment takes the worst beating.

    Summer in the Philippines is from March to May. During this Easter's Holy Week long weekend the local tourism board is expecting over 58,000 visitors.

    Duterte has described the once-pristine beaches of Boracay as a "cesspool".

    Meanwhile, it's reported that another popular island destination in Southeast Asia, Maya Bay in Thailand, may be shutting down temporarily or limiting tourist arrivals.

    Drastic moves to mitigate tourism overcrowding isn't a new thing.

    A six-month tourist ban on Boracay might help the island's ecosystem breathe a little bit, but environmental groups said a shutdown isn't enough.