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    9 Movies That Will Inspire Your Wanderlust

    Indescribable feeling.

    1. The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

    Twentieth Century Fox / Via

    This is a definite must-see for those needing an epic escape from the monotony of everyday life. If skateboarding through Iceland's insane beauty isn't liberating enough, then what is?



    Greenland, Iceland, The Himalayas

    DIY tips

    -Completing Iceland's Ring Road is absolutely doable, however, watch out for road closures during the winter.

    -You can do as Walter Mitty did and skateboard/bike through Iceland, but consider also renting your own car. It's the most convenient way to explore the country.

    -Do not jump off a helicopter into choppy, shark-infested waters.

    Klikk / Getty Images

    2. Wild

    Fox Searchlight / Via

    Walking solo for three months might not be everyone's cup of tea, but it's definitely enough time to find yourself and change. Not many get to complete the trail, but those that do get to cross the Bridge of The Gods.



    Mexico to Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail

    DIY tips

    -Pack wisely. What you can't live without in the modern world, you can most likely forego in the wilderness.

    -Never underestimate your water consumption.

    -Leave nothing but footprints.

    Misoknitl / Getty Images

    3. A Lot Like Love

    Walt Disney

    There's nothing more serendipitous than meeting someone on a plane, making out but agreeing that you're not good for each other, meeting again years later and still thinking you're not good for each other, and then again, and again, and finally deciding on your fate at a wedding. *cue Bon Jovi*



    Los Angeles, New York City, Mojave Desert, onboard a plane

    DIY tips

    -Do not EVEN attempt to make out in a plane lavatory. It's gross, it's cramped, and a hundred others are waiting to use it.

    -Gas up at every opportunity.

    -You can be fined for veering off-trail in Antelope Valley.

    Trekandshoot / Getty Images

    4. Eat Pray Love

    Columbia Pictures / Via tumblr_mkybezL98t1rulm6zo1_500.gif

    A woman travels the world to eat, to pray, and to find love. Let's not pretend you haven't done, or thought of doing, at least one of those.



    Italy, India, Indonesia

    DIY tips

    -Yes, the best pizza in the world is in Naples. And the restaurant? L'Antica Pizzeria Da Michele.

    -Who cares if you gain 30 pounds in Italy. You're IN Italy.

    Suriya Wattanalee / Getty Images

    5. Bucket List

    Warner Bros

    There isn't a more obvious place to dream about traveling than in a hospital bed. Except, you don't have to wait til your dying days to go on a trip. Though of course, it helps to have rich friends to fund it.



    Many. But it includes Paris, a safari somewhere in Africa, the Taj Mahal, and Mt Everest

    DIY tips

    -Kopi Luwak - the most expensive coffee in the world - is harvested in Indonesia. If you're adventurous enough, go and try this cat poop.

    -It is actually illegal to climb the Great Pyramid.

    -Technically, you can ride a motorbike on the Great Wall of China. However, remember that you need a license AND it may not be feasible in some areas due to the stairs and the crowds.

    Fuse / Getty Images

    6. Into the Wild

    Paramount Vantage / Via

    There's a lot here to learn about survival in the wilderness. And while spontaneity is part of any adventure, long-term planning will keep you alive.




    DIY tips

    -Take into account the changing seasons.

    -Just like cars and motorbikes, you cannot kayak without a proper license.

    -Always touch base with someone...ANYONE - your family, friends, the park rangers.

    Dirk Nelson / Getty Images

    7. 127 Hours

    Fox Searchlight Pictures

    Let's forget for a second that he had to lose a hand to tell us his story. Aron Ralston has everything an adventurer needs - he's daring, he's crazy, and he's curious. And despite what would have been a very traumatic experience to most, Ralston hasn't stopped exploring.



    Blue John Canyon, Utah

    DIY tips

    -ALWAYS tell people about your plans. It's good to be spontaneous but you should inform at least one person of your whereabouts.

    -Learn first-aid. Learn how to do a proper tourniquet. It will save lives.

    -Pack tools that have multiple functionalities - a swiss knife and ropes should be top of your list.

    Mateo_pearson / Getty Images

    8. Angels and Demons

    Columbia Pictures

    It's an odd one to include in a list of travel movies, but Robert Langdon's over-the-top adventure brings us through the history and mysteries of a destination. Really, what's more mysterious (and secretive) than the Vatican City?



    Vatican City

    DIY tips

    -Read up on the history of your destination.

    -The Vatican isn't just for Catholics. The city-state is a treasure-trove for historians, art lovers and conspiracy theorists.

    -If you want to get a glimpse of the pope, the papal audience happens every Wednesday at 10/10:30am in St Peter's Square. You need a ticket to attend a papal mass inside St Peter's Basilica.

    Design Pics / Getty Images

    9. Tracks

    See-Saw Films

    There's no pretention nor life-shattering experience that pushed Robyn Davidson to walk the unforgiving terrains of the outback. She just felt the need to live and feel alive.



    Australian outback via Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean

    DIY tips

    -People aren't the only ones who can keep you company on your trip. Having animals makes for an interesting experience too.

    -The real-life Robyn Davidson went through physical training before embarking on her journey. Consider this too if you're planning to walk 2,700 kilometres.

    -Adjusting back to the real world after an epic trip may be daunting, but having another goal soon after might help.

    Totajla / Getty Images

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