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    13 "MasterChef" Challenges That Will Actually Challenge Contestants

    It's been the same thing over and over for eight years. It's time for something new.

    1. A $50 shopping limit.

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    Let's face it. In the real world, we can't all afford to eat lobsters and drown it in an entire bottle of Talisker whisky on the reg. Putting a budget to their grocery shopping will not only bring out their creativity in tough times, but also a very practical skill to have when they leave the MasterChef kitchen.

    2. One-pot meal.

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    It's not like they wash the dishes during a MasterChef challenge, but this method of cooking will develop strategic thinking, including the ever-critical time factor.

    3. A mystery box challenge without staples under the bench.

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    Yes, you can create dishes without oil, flour, and sugar. Let's see how far they can take their dishes if all they have is the limited selection of ingredients inside a mystery box.

    4. Dessert hybrid creation.

    Network Ten

    I'm not just talking about a midnight snack in the form of a brookie. Think big! Think grand! Think revolutionary!

    5. No-cook dish.

    Keep cool, calm and collected @elena_jo_duggan! #MasterChefAU

    Yes, dishes that don't need cooktops and ovens to make do exist. The chillers are in play though, and the ones to watch out for are those that can whip up something savoury.

    6. Surprise grocery swap.

    Network Ten

    Contestants run off to the pantry to cook their dish of choice. A theme must be established beforehand so they do not suspect that when they return to their benches, they'll need to swap ingredients with their bench-mates. Ooooofff. This can go so, so wrong!

    7. Numbered ingredients list challenge.

    Network Ten

    It's the return of the knife block! Each knife will be numbered, with "4" as the lowest. The contestants can cook whatever dish they want, but their ingredients list will be limited to the number they pull out.

    8. Cooking dinner for a suburban family in their home.

    So incredibly full of joy to be able to share this last cook ever with my loved ones! #MasterChefAU

    These contestants will be cooking most for family members when the show wraps up. Why not take them away from the comforts and generosity of the Masterchef pantry, and see how they can raise the bar in home cooking.

    9. Plate surprise.

    Network Ten

    Contestants make a dish, but they won't be told what plate to use until the end of the cook. Simple, but the idea of the unknown sure will rattle them along the way.

    10. Create a dish inspired by a shape.

    Network Ten

    They've done dishes inspired by colours and natural elements. Why not make them do a dish in a specified shape? Circles and domes are common, but pyramids and diamonds will add some interesting height element to the plate.

    11. Surprise dish swap, times two.

    When the Judges rattle you... 😰😰 #MasterChefAU

    Contestants cook a preferred dish. Mid-cook, they are told that they have to swap dishes with their bench-mate. And then just before finishing up, they are once again sprung with a surprise that they have to plate their original dish.

    12. Guess the more expensive version of an ingredient.

    Network Ten

    Blind-folded, the contestants taste two versions of an ingredient - one homebrand and one imported. The contestants that wrongly identify the most ingredients will go to elimination.

    13. MasterClass special: Winners cook-off.

    Network Ten

    Have a mini-MasterChef Australia reunion with all the previous winners and make them cook against each other for a MasterClass bonanza.


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