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12 Photographers Who Will Make You Forget There's A World Outside Australia

Beauty is in our backyard.

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Rob is a Perth-based photographer who shows off the inexhaustible beauty in his backyard. Expect to see a lot of surf, sun, and youth from some of the most remote places in the land.

Instagram: @chillary

Chris from Melbourne has a romantic approach in photographing his travels around the country - lots of grand scenery, misty water movements, and dreamy lighting. You'll fall in love with Australia all over again.

Instagram: @fran_t

Canberra photographer Fran Tapia has travelled around the Asia-Pacific region, but it seems the homeland draws her back again and again. She's all about showing off local landscapes and animals.

Instagram: @imwithanthony

Danum lives in Noosa, where residents are blessed with beauty every day. His photos prove this - they'll make you want to book a flight and stay there forever.

Instagram: @susiereynolds66

Another Queenslander, Susie knows the best angles to photograph land, sea, and wildlife.

Ben has a true adventurous spirit and his photos show it. He's been to the most remote spots in Australia (and New Zealand!) and has brought home epic snaps from those places.

Instagram: @the_sentimental_bloke

We often hear of folks who like a sea change, but Peter chose to move to an isolated town in the Flinders Ranges. His familiarity with the landscape has contributed a lot to his photographic work, and his portfolio includes many untouched spots.

Instagram: @footsorephotographer

Dan moved from Western Australia to Tasmania to shoot its expansive natural beauty. It helps that he loves walking, which has allowed him to see what else the island has to offer.

Instagram: @saltydavenport

Caleb Davenport is the quintessential Australian dude who surfs, skates, and streaks on empty roads. He does all these in front of the incredible scenery of Western Australia.

Mr Bo has cornered the market of droning over South Australia. His collection of snaps are vibrant and simply stunning.

Instagram: @80kphkombilife

This duo have driven their Kombi all over Australia and take turns fronting the camera to show how epic their travels are.

Rob has taken his camera everywhere and every time he's out and about, he just finds the one thing - the exact angle or the exact moment - that will convince you to visit it too.

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