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These Australian Homes Are Like Lived-In Time Capsules

Never change, Melbourne. (Literally.)

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Melbourne-based photographer Warren Kirk started snapping remnants of this by-gone era a decade ago. His book Westography has taken him deep into the heart of the western suburbs, in the homes and work spaces of people who just aren't interested in modernising.


And what baked treats would await us in a local bakery.

Warren Kirk / Via Flickr: 70980743@N03

All these memories aren't confined in a museum or a TV show, but in a house in one of Melbourne's most cosmopolitan suburbs.


"The past is a beautiful place to visit. These photographs are a snippet of time that’s not coming back, and I reckon it’s at least worth preserving it in images," Kirk told BuzzFeed.

While Kirk's book focuses on Melbourne's west, his fascination for this subject extends beyond that. He has travelled all over country Victoria to find similar-minded folks.

"I don’t think these people are resisting modernising. They are just very comfortable with their surroundings and aren’t driven by the renovation craze of younger folks," Kirk said.

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