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14 Tricks To Getting Those Pretty Flat Lay Photos

'Tis the season for the perfect flat lay photo.

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Summer in Australia is all about the feast, the beach, and the road trip. And there's nothing more important than having fun and showing the world what kind of fun you're having.

In the lead up to the holidays, BuzzFeed was invited to watch three local Instagram stars Tara, Ros, and Jason show off their flat lay styling skills, with the help of food stylist Sally Parker. While we watched them work their magic, we asked them to share their secrets.

1. Tell a story.

Roslyn Daroza / Via Instagram: @ripejournal

"Choose a specific item to highlight your theme and surround it strategically with the other pieces. Adding quirky and unique objects, such as keepsakes, helps create a story and adds a point of difference." - @ripejournal

2. It's all about the lighting.

Tara Milk Tea / Via Instagram: @taramilktea

"Avoid shooting in direct sunlight or when there are harsh shadows.  Afternoon window light in the summer is one of my favourite times to flat lay. I find flat laying at night to be one of the hardest times to get a good shot." - @taramilktea


4. Play around with different sizes for your props.

Canon Australia / Via Instagram: @taramilktea

"Use props that are small. This makes the flat lay look more detailed. If you want to include a large item, make sure there's only one or two, and use it as the hero piece." - @taramilktea


8. Height is important.

Tara Milk Tea / Via Instagram: @taramilktea

"Use a step or stool ... or even a chair if you have no shame! Make sure you can safely get above your flat lay, otherwise you might not be able to see what you are shooting." - @taramilktea

14. And only do minimal photo editing.

Roslyn Daroza / Via Instagram: @ripejournal

"By slightly adjusting the brightness, contrast, temperature, and sharpness, you can instantly take your relatively OK image to something more polished." - @ripejournal

This interview was facilitated by Canon Australia.

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