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This Teen’s Incredible Desserts Are Beyond Ridiculous

He's not your average cake mix teen baker wannabe.

Meet Jonathan Massaad, a 17-year-old Sydney schoolboy who spends a good part of his life making wizardly creations in his kitchen for his very own dessert line, Sugar High Desserts.

Photos courtesy of Sugar High Desserts / Via Instagram: @sugarhighdesserts

Here he is with his Sugar High Galaxy Cake, which will take you straight to Katy Perry's "California Gurls" universe.

He started with the humble cake-mix packet at 11 years old. And just six years later, his creations have evolved into these sophisticated treats.

"One of my first official cakes for an event was a Malteser-covered chocolate cake for my sister's birthday, which was such a crowd pleaser," he told BuzzFeed.

The most popular from Sugar High's current menu (and Massaad's personal favourite) are the GayTime-inspired fudge pops.

Looks like the original, but does not melt in the heat!

Massaad says he's constantly looking for iconic confectionary to transform.

"I created a choc Vegemite cheesecake, inspired by the Cadbury creation. It was a very eccentric cup and tasted so good. I'm a fan of Cadbury's choc Vegemite chocolate."

These Cornetto-looking bites will make you question which you like more: these or the original ice cream cones.

Once you try the Sugar High Desserts version, though, you wouldn't have it any other way.

But there's nothing more iconic than classic Aussie favourite Milo.

Of course, he loves making those showstopping cakes too.

And tiny ones, if you prefer petite.

At the moment, he offers pickup and delivery services to six to twelve clients every weekend. "I am only in year 11 of high school," Massaad told BuzzFeed. "I have decided that opening a patisserie would be best once I am within my final year at university completing a business course."

Just like anyone, Massaad has his own dessert weaknesses, like his own s'mores cup, popular gelatos around Sydney, and dipping Macca's fries in a caramel and chocolate sundae.

Massaad says he has some remastered gummy bear desserts in the making, too.


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