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17 Things Pilots Want All Anxious Flyers To Know

Now sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride.

Almost everyone loves to travel, but not everyone loves to fly.

1. Travelling by plane is safer than by land transport.

2. There's more than enough fuel loaded on the plane for all kinds of changes to the original flight plan.

3. There are always at least two members of the crew in the cockpit for the duration of the flight.

4. And in most cases, long haul flights have a third or fourth pilot, so don't panic if the captain takes the vacant seat beside you.

5. Each pilot is served a different meal to minimise the risk of food poisoning.

6. Mid-air collisions are rare these days, because modern aircrafts have voice commands that blare in the cockpit if there are any other planes nearby.

7. There are air traffic controllers on the ground that monitor the flight from take-off to landing.

8. Pilots are required to fly at least 200 hours before they can qualify for a commercial airline.

9. Pilots are required to have medical tests periodically.

10. Their flying skills are also reviewed every six months.

11. The doors of the cockpit are locked at the beginning of the flight and can only be opened by the pilots inside.

12. At least two people - a mechanic and a pilot - are required to circle the aircraft to spot for any damage before it's cleared for flight.

13. In most cases, the body of the aircraft can deflect lightning.

14. Auto-pilots can counteract almost all weather disturbances.

15. Airplanes have several computers built into their system as fail-safes.

16. Even if all the engines stop running, a plane can still land safely.

17. And planes can also land safely even if the wheels are broken.


#3 was amended to say "members of the crew" instead of "pilots", because pilots are human too, and sometimes when they need to go for a wee, a flight attendant waits in the cockpit with the other pilot.

In #6: airplanes have at least two systems that can detect external bodies while on the air.