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These Photos Of Neighbourhood Shops Will Transport You Back To The '90s

Grab me a finger bun and make me nine years old again.

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"My aim was to capture a slice of history and preserve this for future generations. Some of these businesses have been around for decades and have been part of these families for a long time," Donnelly told BuzzFeed.

As he travelled around Australia to document this part of history, he felt he was creating memories of his own.

Eamon Donnelly

"One of the most amazing places I visited was the Daly Waters Pub in the Northern Territory. It was 39 degrees and in the middle of nowhere - more than three hours' drive from any city. It was incredibly eye opening. The people I met there are so honest and unique, and it's as though you're in another country."

Donnelly has put extra attention on his photographic style for this project. To him, it's all about telling a story with a limited number of shots. He also made sure he chose places that are truly iconic to Australians.

His obsession with cultural archiving all began with a visit to a now closed milk bar that he frequented as a child. This led to his Milk Bars Project, which has grown significantly over the years, with people also sharing photos of their own local.

"In the past years, I’ve been on a personal mission to preserve the suburban milk bar or corner store, capturing striking and poignant images of these unique and historic small businesses across Australia. I think it's so important for every Australian to be supporting their local small businesses so we don’t have to remember them in sadness as they fade away."