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These Tattoo Artists Reveal What You Need To Know Before You First Get Inked

Australia is getting inked.

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Led by NY Ink's superstar Megan Massacre, the reality TV series follows the lives of tattoo artists at a Sydney beachside parlour. We sat down with some of the artists and asked them what people should expect from your first tattoo session.

Ellie Thompson says:


Ellie's tattoo story:

"I grew up in a really small town in the bush without any electricity for a long time. We only had solar panels. So, at night we had to light heaps of candles so that we could see. We'd have baths in buckets of boiled water in front of the fire. It was really cool We didn't have television. We had to do things to entertain ourselves. I think it was an awesome childhood!"


Shaun Bones knows you’ll get all:


Shaun's tattoo story:

"I have a tattoo on my hand of a tattoo machine. I got it done when I was an apprentice to remind me to not give up on my apprenticeship, to keep going, and to always remember my craft... what it's taught me."


And, Bondi Ink shop owner Wendy Tadrosse sums up the tattoo experience with these words:


Wendy's tattoo story:

"I've got a lot of tattoos, but my most favourite is this traditional Ta Moko (tattoo) to represent my daughter and our people in New Zealand."