This Photographer Wants To Change The Way The World Sees Rodeo Cowboys

    "Cowboys are pretty tough. It’s rare that you capture moments of vulnerability."

    It takes a lot of skill and determination to be a true, blue cowboy. So it's hardly surprising that these guys are some of the toughest Australians out there. But photographer Claire Letitia Reynolds saw another side of their tough exterior and she captured this calm in a series of stunning photographs.

    Reynolds followed the New South Wales rodeo circuit on and off for two years. She sometimes saw fear in the eyes of the cowboys before a big ride, something the casual spectator will never see.

    "I usually had only 30 seconds to a minute to take the shot, right before or right after they go for a ride, so their expressions are just a very natural look," Reynolds said.

    Reynolds grew up on a farm herself. She understands the feeling of freedom that comes with being in the country and it inspired her to juxtapose the pensive cowboy portraits against the calming Australian landscape.

    "By placing the cowboys in front of the landscapes I hoped to bring about a sense of vulnerability and escapism."

    Check Reynolds' exhibit and other amazing photographic work at the Head On Photo Festival, running in Sydney from April 29 - May 29, 2016.