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    Updated on Dec 27, 2019. Posted on Dec 26, 2015

    21 People Who Had A Worse Christmas Than You

    "My aunt gave me underwear that played music out of the crotch."

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share the worst Christmas gifts they've ever gotten. Here are the hilarious results.

    1. "One year, I got a purse made out of a dead frog."

    2. "When I was 12, my grandma gave me a statue of a fertility elephant so that I would be 'fertile for the future.'"

    Vadim Ponomarenko / Getty Images
    Warner Bros.


    3. "My parents gave my brother and me rakes."

    Elenathewise / Getty Images
    Warner Bros.

    4. "My aunt got me musical Christmas underwear. You had to push a button to make songs play out of your crotch."

    Khvost / Getty Images
    Columbia Pictures

    5. "Festive rice, because that's a real thing."

    Lundberg Rice
    New Line Cinema

    6. "An ironing board cover. I was eight. Thanks, Grandma."
    New Line Cinema


    7. "I was 11 years old and my dad’s girlfriend gave me a Ouija board."
    20th Century Fox

    8. "My parents gave me a book about how to find my 'soulmate.' I had been dating my now husband for four years."

    Ingram Publishing / Getty Images
    Dimension Films

    9. "My grandma got my sister and me matching lingerie sets. It was so awkward."


    10. "One year, I got a damn dictionary."

    Rtimages / Getty Images
    Columbia / Sony

    11. "I got a frying pan. I was eight."

    Ronnachai Palas / Getty Images
    Skellington Productions

    12. "When I was eight years old, my grandma gave me sheets. She said I got too many toys and I probably needed sheets more."
    Lee Mendelson Film Productions / Bill Melendez Productions

    13. "My father gave my husband and me the joint gift of a Victoria’s Secret gift card, to 'keep the spark alive.'"

    Victoria's Secret
    Cartoon Network


    14. "In elementary school, my classmate gave me a potpourri-scented refrigerator magnet."

    —Lisa Heck, Facebook

    15. "A fake fish — as in, a bowl with a battery-powered fish in it."

    —Ella Esther Bourisseau, Facebook

    16. "An actual stocking full of coal."

    Bonchan / Getty Images
    The Island Def Jam Music Group

    —Krystal Wantabe, Facebook

    17. "My uncle gave me a shirt of a chihuahua sitting on the toilet — a late souvenir from his trip to Mexico."

    —Tammy Villano, Facebook

    18. "A doll bought at a garage sale with drawings all over it and the creepiest smile."

    Yanukit / Getty Images


    19. "When I was 10, I got a wooden duck. No explanation came with it."
    The Island Def Jam Music Group

    20. "My sister would make fun of my pale eyebrows, so she cut two rectangles out of black felt and told me they were my new eyebrows."

    Jupiterimages / Getty Images
    Universal Pictures

    21. "I asked for a copy of Titanic from my aunt. She bought it for me, but it was a Titanic documentary from the History Channel. I should have been more specific."

    The History Channel
    Warner Bros.

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