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    What's The Greatest Hidden Gem In Chicago?

    There’s so much more to the city of blues and Kanye that everyone needs to know about.

    So we already know Chicago is the best city in the world.

    Rudolf Balasko / Getty Images

    But when visiting the Windy City, tourists and suburbanites are drawn to certain “well-known” sites every time.

    terren in Virginia CC BY

    The Bean, Navy Pier, and The Museum Campus make for a pristine day in the city, but there is SO much more to Chicago that everyone should know about.

    Bryce Edwards CC BY / Via Flickr: bryce_edwards

    Maybe you know about an amazing cart that sells THE best Chicago dogs in the Loop.

    Oscar Mayer / Via

    Or the best thrift shop in Lincoln Park.

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    Or maybe you know of a great hangout spot that you think deserves way more attention.

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    Like the Millennium Park Amphitheater during outdoor summer workout classes or concerts.

    Let us know what you think the best hidden gem in Chicago is in the comments below!

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    The best submissions will be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.