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What's The Best Hair Product For Thick Hair?

Thick hair, DO care.

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Having thick hair can be an emotional roller coaster, but thankfully there are lots of great products to help you tame it and keep it healthy.

Walt Disney Pictures

Maybe you swear by a certain brand of conditioner that enriches your locks, instead of making them even more frizzy.

Sony / Parkwood

Perhaps you need a really particular type of brush to rake through your mane every morning without causing damage.

Ceramic Curved Vent Brush, Peter Coppola
Peter Coppola / Via

Ceramic Curved Vent Brush, Peter Coppola

Or maybe you know of the perfect type of hair tie that won't break in the middle of the day, leaving you feeling like this:

Walt Disney Pictures / Via

There are lots of solutions to dealing with all of those locks. So, tell us: What's the best product for thick hair?

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