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Tell Us The Strangest Alcoholic Drink You’ve Heard Of

*pours pizza-flavored beer all over my body*

Hi. Drinking in moderation can be fun, but there are a LOT of weird concoctions out there.

Have you heard of the mac 'n' cheese shot, which is literally noodles, Velveeta, milk, and rum? WELL, IT EXISTS.

Maybe you're an adventurous nugget and you've tried this Scorpion Vodka, 🚨 WHICH HAS AN ACTUAL SCORPION IN IT! 🚨

Perhaps you've thrown back a Tapeworm Shot, which is actually vodka, Tabasco sauce, and a squeeze of mayo.

Or maybe you drank this Pizza Beer and couldn't decide if you loved it or hated it.

Alcohol can get weird — fast. So tell us, what's the strangest alcoholic drink you know of?

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