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    Posted on Feb 26, 2016

    Here's What's Really Happening Behind The Scenes Of Those Popular Vines

    A lot of hard work goes into those six-second videos.

    Some Vines are just too damn hilarious and clever, but they make you think, "how the hell did they film that in a room all alone?"

    Well, luckily, your yells into the abyss have been answered, because Vine stars are using the hashtag #ShowYourRolls to share behind-the-scenes footage proving the weird lengths people will go to for a viral video.

    @GabrielDreyfuss @chrismelberger @ColesTwitt3r @mielmonster @AaronChewning 😬😬😬😬😬

    It started when Vine star Cole Hersch shared the ~secret~ behind this video, which currently has over 10 million loops.

    Obviously this video could not have been done in one take. On Wednesday, Hersch posted this tweet, showing how he made the second half of the above Vine happen:

    Other Vine stars have picked up on the trend, including Victor Pope, Jr., who shared this Beauty And The Beast-inspired video last week:

    It currently has 3.5 million loops.

    Pope, Jr. then shared this tweet on Thursday, showcasing all of the different voices he tried when voicing the plate in the above Vine.

    @ColesTwitt3r @AaronChewning @mielmonster @chrismelberger took so long to find an acceptable plate voice

    Mielmonster shared a behind-the-scenes video from her Vine about a genie in a bottle who has an unfortunate encounter.

    Here is her blooper reel, which is so uncomfortable that it's perfect:

    @Luke_Berti @GabrielDreyfuss @DannyGoonzalez @chrismelberger @ColesTwitt3r @AaronChewning ok I'm done

    And Cody Ko shared this Vine, called "when you get to the party right as the song hits," currently at 9.3 million loops.

    Here is his strange behind-the-scenes reel, which is so funny because it's awkward as hell:

    @drewisgooden @ColesTwitt3r @chrismelberger @Luke_Berti @GabrielDreyfuss @DannyGoonzalez @mielmonster

    Basically, we're sitting here like:

    Thru The Lens / Via

    Stay hilarious, Viners.

    Danny Gonzalez / Via Twitter: @DannyGoonzalez

    More Viners, like Gabriel Gundacker, Chris Melberger, and Aaron Chewning have been adding their bloopers to Twitter as the trend grows. You can check out the whole thread here.

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