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    Updated on Dec 14, 2018. Posted on Mar 21, 2017

    18 Disturbing Internet Urban Legends That’ll Fuck You Up

    Don’t look behind you.

    We asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their favorite internet urban legends, aka Creepypastas, with us. Here are the terrifying results.

    1. The Russian Sleep Experiment

    Five people participate in an experiment where they're challenged to stay awake for 15 days — but the scientists learn fairly quickly that loss of sleep can truly damage a human being...until they're barely human beings at all.

    —Eriana Schoenberner and Melissa Barbee, Facebook

    2. Correspondence

    ThinkStock / Anna Kopsky

    Two buddies are emailing back and forth, until one starts sending worry-filled messages about a mysterious old lady — until he stops responding and his body is found, intestines ripped out. What dark deeds were happening during their weeks of correspondence?

    Emily Goodfellow and franklymsshankly

    3. Gateway of the Mind

    A man participates in a science experiment with the terrifying intent of learning how to become selfless enough to experience the true presence of God. But when he finally reaches what he thinks is his full potential, the holy words he hears are more ominous than expected.


    4. The Basement

    Getty Images / gaiamoments / gacolerichards

    A group of high schoolers break into a rich guy's house, looking for a collection of rare coins. But instead they find disturbing paintings depicting murder — and learn that these works of art are simply preludes to the awful night they're about to experience.


    5. Where Bad Kids Go /

    A journalist visits the now-abandoned spot where an ominous childhood show she used to watch was filmed. The disgusting sight she encounters makes her wonder — how realistic were the images she saw onscreen as a kid?


    6. His Name Was Tommy Taffy

    A home intruder turned houseguest brings torment to a suburban neighborhood, and the residents learn the hard way that they should never, EVER turn on him — because their lives depend on keeping his existence a secret.

    —Keegan Robbins, Facebook

    7. Masterpiece / Via Getty Images

    A young child pretends they're asleep while a creature drags their dead parents into the room. When the creature paints a message on the wall in blood, the child soon realizes their plan to survive may not be genius after all.

    —Mac Willaert, Facebook

    8. The Elevator Incident

    Getty Images / Creatas /

    In Taiwan, visiting the fourth floor of a building is considered bad luck — and this is the story of a man who learns that fact the hard way.

    —Nahid Jay, Facebook

    9. Search And Rescue

    A search-and-rescue officer recounts the bizarre, bloody, and downright inexplicable tales of his time on the job. From finding mangled bodies to discovering multiple mysterious staircases in the middle of the woods, these all-too-realistic tales will keep you awake for days.

    —Rae LIndenberg, Facebook

    10. Rabbits in the Creek / Getty Images / Lonely__

    When a mountain lion is spotted near his home, a young boy sets up an automatic camera in the hopes of taking some National Geographic-like pictures. But after nights of hearing horrendous noises outside, what he finds on the camera literally makes him sick to his stomach.

    —Nahid Jay, Facebook

    11. Borrasca

    A 9-year-old moves to a new town, where his friends teach him about the legend of Borrasca — a place in the woods where "bad things happen." But the horror of Borrasca soon becomes more than just a dark legend and slowly seeps into every aspect of his life.


    12. My Father's Long, Long Legs /

    A girl revisits her childhood home where she remembers her dad spending days digging in their basement, insisting he was doing "renovations" while her mother locked herself in a room. This one's extra creepy because it's presented in a choose-your-own-adventure style, until it gets under your skin.

    —Miranda Hermanski, Facebook

    13. Footsteps

    Getty Images / Herzstaub / alexali111

    After moving into a new house, a young boy hears footsteps every night, assuming they're a monster's. One night he wakes up in the middle of the forest near his home — and when he learns a small truth about how he got there, fear paralyzes him.

    —Jonah Daniels, Facebook

    14. Whistler

    Getty Images / Grandfailure /

    A teen is staying at his grandparents' house while they're away, when he starts hearing someone whistle Otis Redding songs from inside the house late at night. Once he realizes it's his fault this whistling spirit is in the house, it's too late.

    Anna Kopsky

    15. Psychosis

    chuntise / Getty Images

    A man starts to feel like something's a bit ~off~ in his interactions with other people, from vague phone calls to bland video chats with friends. He soon loses track of the days and becomes fearful of technology until his paranoia ultimately takes over.

    —Heather Morris, Facebook

    16. Betsy the Doll /

    A young girl with a drug addict mother has only one doll for a friend. But it isn't until after she decides to protect her doll from her intense home life by shoving its face in the bathtub and then in a toy box that she considers that the doll could actually be a living human being.


    17. And Room 733 /

    Two college freshmen move into their new dorm room, which is unluckily next to room 733, the supposedly empty "Suicide Room." Soon they hear windows slamming and whispers in the dark — even though their neighboring room is padlocked from the outside.


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